Carpet say to the floor?

Donít worry, I got you covered.


Wall say to the ceiling?

Iíll met you in the corner.


Big skillet say to the little skillet?

Hi-ya small fry.


Balloon say to the pin?

Hi, Buster


Mirror say to the dresser?

I see your drawers.


One tonsil say to the other tonsil?

Get dressed, the doctor is taking us out tonight.


Daddy lighting bug say to the mother

lighting bug?

Baby is so bright for his age.


Stamp say to the envelope?

Stick with me and Iíll take you places.

Brushsay to the hair?

Donít you dare tangle with me.


Ship say to the pier?

Whatís up dock?


Bee say to the little rose?

Hi, Bud


Rose say to the bee?

Buzz off, you bug me.

Jack say to the car?

Can I give you a lift?


Digital watch say to his mother?

Look Ma, no hands.


Girl penny say to the boy penny?

It would make more cents if we went together.


Candy bar say to the lollipop?

Hi ya, sucker

One math book say to the other?

I really have a lot of problems.


One math problem say to the other ?

†††††††††† I canít figure you out.

Calculator say to the student?

†† You can count on me.


Pencil say to the sharpener?

Stop going in circles and get to the point.

One potato chip to the other?†††††††††††††††† Shall we go for a dip?