It is with a heavy heart that Gumdrop announces her retirement.

Part of the reason is age. I have spent nearly 30 years entertaining children,
going to their birthday parties, visiting hospitals and performing for my community.
But a large part is personal security. I no longer feel safe going to and from my events.
I would never want to harm or scare anyone and I no longer care to endure those who
pretend (or otherwise) to be scared of me. STOP IT!

It seems like there is no more innocence left in the world.
Children canít be children, because someone may want to fool them and scare them;
I guess, to give some thrill to their bored lives.

Someone thought it would be fun to scare us by using the innocent clown
to do something bad. Scary clowns got to be Ďhipí, now it is just another mask to
let someone do something mean.

It hurts me deeply when someone would say they are afraid of clowns.
A real clown wants only to bring joy and happiness to their believers.
How could anyone be afraid of me?

I am sad for our children and youth today. They arenít allowed to have the
time to grow up. To believe in Clowns, fairy tales or Santa, before they have
to face the real world.

I want to thank you, Mothers and Fathers, for believing in me and using
Gumdropís services for all these years. It has been a wonderful profession and it has given me great joy.

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